Wednesday, November 17, 2004

And Why Not?

I've been playing EvE since September 11th 2004 and thought - why not Blog my adventures. My character, Gallente male Alex Jerusalem, is still young and fresh faced in the huge EvE universe. There is much to learn, many things to be destroyed and many millions to be made. My character still resides with the NPC (non-player character) controlled corporation Centre for Advanced studies, where many Gallente newbies begging. Despite the excitement available by venturing into proper player-run Corps, I'm enjoying the company of my fellow [CAS]ers for now. We're a friendly bunch of varying levels of experience and a lively ingame chat channel, so my desires to leave are on hold for the immediate future.

For now many people are in a state of hoarding in EvE, whether it be hoarding of money or hoarding of refined minerals. The Exodus expansion will soon be upon us, with wondrous new ships for all levels of player, and many other changes to our gaming world. I and others keep a close eye on the latest updates to skill requirements for our desired forthcoming ships, slowly preparing our characters for the upgrade. So back to work for now and let's see if a daily blogging of my activities succeeds.