Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Amarr Vacation

I recently took a holiday from my usual stomping grounds of Gallente Federation space and moved my Vexor cruiser "Channon I" into the heart of the Amarr Empire. The scenery is all rather different (see the screenshots below) and the missions potentially more lucrative for me in my current state. I've spent the past few days working for an Admin agent of the Imperial Family, attempting to earn some more level 1 implants that I'm missing. After a few too many dull courier missions I decided to leave my Admin friend be for a while and move my focus to an Internal Security agent. I see many hours of killing the strange looking Sansha pirates on my horizon.

The Imperial Monument and Imperial Family station.

A different type of station in Amarr space.

Another Amarr station variant.

Whilst jumping back from a courier mission I passed a small fleet of ships affiliated with the pirate "m0o" corp. I attempted to follow them but failed miserably as they were still some way of their final destination. One of these days I'll manage to track down a fleet fight or other happening, and snap myself some pictures. Alex Jerusalem, roving EvE photographer!

I was also spoken to by Cold Acid, a Caldari member of the "Templar Industries" corp. They're on a recruitment drive and asked me if I was interested. It's been a few weeks since a corp last tried to get me to join, but I'm still not quite ready to leap into the proper world of player corps and alliances. Sooner rather than later, but not yet. TEMP are marked for future reference, however.