Thursday, November 18, 2004

Sticking My Nose In...

There's always something happening in the depths of EvE space and recently I've introduced myself to the Events forum. This board details not only official events run by the staff ingame (be they raids into player alliance space or strange happenings, for example) but also player organised events. One such event was the massive anti-slavery protest by over 120 Minmatar pilots in Amarr space this last Sunday. As I understand it, the protest was basically peaceful (even during an incursion by Archangel ships) until the arrival of several loyalist Amarr fleets (PIE amongst them). Then events become hazy but it appears the Amarr loyalists opened fire on those of the protesters who had yet to leave.

All of this has resulted in a raid being organised by Minmatar corps against Amarr slave convoys for this Sunday. And I am left desperately wanting to watch this, hopefully avoiding death in the process! It's great to have these things happening around you, totally independent of a huge percentage of the player base but at the same time involving significant numbers of them. I intend to spend part of my Sunday feverishly studying the "player kills in the last hour" display for each system on the map.