Sunday, November 21, 2004

Brotherly Love

I spent yesterday afternoon mining feverishly with my brother's character, Andan Chosmith, doing the hauling in his Industrial (and mining as much as possible too). We're both in desperate need of more cash for next week's Exodus expansion, so we made a good 1.2 million from our couple of hours graft. Serpentis pirates roam the belts of the 0.6 system in which I usually do any solo or small group mining. They're no threat at the worst of times, but when I'm the only defence (with seven medium drones able to launch at once, currently) I usually lose a drone or two along the way. A somewhat costly exercise.

Brothers mining hard in Caslemon, drones circling.

I moved agents in Amarr space again on Friday. I was fed up with the low quality rewards of my previous Internal Security agent, so now I'm working towards a level two agent and more challenging foes again. It looks like there will be no large mining operation this afternoon to earn me more Isk, so it's time to run agent missions until the lure of Half Life 2 becomes too strong again. The raids into Amarr space should be taking place at some point today, so my eyes are flicking to the map every once in a while for any indications it's begun.