Monday, November 22, 2004

Sansha Hordes

Clearly no final night would be complete without my own mini-adventure. I was flying my final few agent missions before the upgrade and got sent deep into the system of Unkah after an escaping Minmater scout ship (an ex-slave race, who are never in the Amarr good books). The location was rather picturesque - we faced off a few km from a wrecked station and several wrecked ships. I was delighted to later discover the many frozen corpses floating amongst the wreckage, a suitably gruesome end.

A wrecked battleship, dwarfing my tiny cruiser.

The wrecked space station.

The wrecked space station.

As my combat came to end (my cruiser made short work of the scout) over fifteen Sansha ships warped within a mere 30 to 40 km of me. There was another player in the distance, Gfidex of the Stain Alliance, clearly engaged in some kind of level 3 agent mission. Thinking I could safely take that opportunity to investigate the wreckage, I stuck around. Not the wisest of moves. The ships in question were rather beefier than those I had run into myself, and one Sansha equipped with piercing red laser (that never seemed to actually stop firing once turned onto my ship) took a liking to me.

The 'rat was still at long range, so I experimented with my 125mm named Railgun and Tungsten ammo, trying to make a dent in his shields. I had little luck, whilst he pummeled my shields and my capacitor (that was feeding my shield booster) rapidly ran out. Before I knew, my shields were empty and my capacitor non-existent. With my armour being eaten away I desperately warped away to repair and recharge. By the time I returned Gfidex had killed the entire force and was happily emptying his cans. As I explored the wreck, he gave up picking up his loot and left the system, leaving most of it for me to pick up, purely to keep space tidy you understand...