Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The Dust Is Slowly Settling

Ahh, the real world. It's a shame real chaos has prevented me from journaling EvE post-Exodus, but no matter. Onwards and upwards. So it's been about two and a half weeks since the EvE universe was shot in the chest with the large (and free) Exodus expansion. As is the way with large software projects there are still bugs aplenty for the developers to repair over the coming weeks, but EvE is still there and still playable. Perhaps the most gameplay affecting problem has been the bugged and unbalanced agent missions (I'm holding off returning to visit my agents until after they're confirmed as fixed). The damage to agent running has led to a mining explosion across Empire (0.5 to 1.0 security safe space). Asteroid belts are barren, if still present at all. Wealthier players prevented from engaging in missions have instead purchased the freshly introduced Mining Barges. Mineral prices have fallen and belts have become busier.

With Exodus comes the glorius planetary rings.

As I returned to EvE after the Exodus upgrade I began religiously watching the market for the prices of the Gallente Battlecruiser, the "Brutix". After a week and a half of price watching I decided to build my own, forsaking my plans to build a Battleship for the time being. It took me a few days to mine all the minerals available in safe space before then spending my hard earned millions on buying the rarer stuff. Construction was left going overnight and by the next morning I had myself a wondrous Brutix to christen the Channon II.

More of the beautiful Brutix, deep in 0.3 security space.

After the mineral buying and some extra skill & equipment purchasing I was bereft of Isk, with a paltry 600,000 to my name. So here I was able to experience the first full benefit of the larger Brutix as I fitted it out with six Miner II lasers and did two evenings sparse mining. Those two evenings (with only an hour actually spent mining on each) netted me seven million or so, giving me plenty of money to insure my pride and joy. With my leftover minerals I've set one hundred shuttles building, to be followed by a huge stack of Antimatter Medium rounds for the six medium hybrid turrets I mount on the Channon II. Now I just need to start amassing funds once more...

Destroyers are new, and this is the neat Caldari model.

The Gallente Destroyer, a Catalyst. No B-Wings here, Star Wars fans...

The huge Medium Mining Barge, to be mine in a week or two.