Thursday, March 31, 2005

At Last

A few days ago, after weeks of training, I was finally ready to step back into my Brutix. I ported my Thorax setup to it, adding a second Cap Recharger I in the extra mid slot and then set about trying to fill the high slots with turrets. The powergrid proved to be the big stumbling block, as always with this ship, and (as you may expect) I was unable to get very many Medium Blasters onboard. In the end I settled for three Ions and four small Neutrons. I'm too short of grid for a forth Ion, so this looks like it'll be sticking for some time yet. A few trips into 0.2 asteroid belts to engage my good old cruiser friends confirmed a reasonable setup for now.

It was with great glee that I accepted my second ever level three mission - Stop The Thief. Perhaps the easiest of missions to begin with, but quite a good way to begin. My Brutix groaned into the four cruiser escort like some kind of slowly lumbering giant. As I crawled towards them, taking heavy missile after heavy missile, I realised that I might need to consider some more work on my speed. Nonetheless my immensely improved armour held nicely, and my repairer was able to run quite a lot when necessary.

My blaster setup tore through them reasonably quickly, but the lack of damage from my Iridium filled small Neutrons makes me reconsider slapping Antimatter in them and taking the closer range necessary. My medium drones were a delight. Being used to the eight heavies I could fly out of my Thorax I was not expecting wonders from my nine mediums. However, taking the advice of a Corp mate and putting in a mixture worked very well indeed - stripping the cruisers down surprisingly quickly. I think my level three mission tactics will most likely require a more headstrong approach to drone usage, using them to tear through as much as possible as my Brutix lumbers onward, irrespective of their inevitable destruction.

Before I continue my level three education I think it's about time I picked up a Tech II medium armour repairer, and replaced my medium Ion blasters with some named versions and my small Neutrons with either modal Tech Is or normal Tech IIs. I'm still afraid it will all still be too little for deadspace, but I'm about as ready as can be.