Monday, February 07, 2005

An Education In Loss

Time to resurrect my EvE Journaling I think. Last night, after a few weeks of mission running for the Gallente Federation Navy, I was finally able to work the decent level III agents I wanted. I leapt without looking, as it were and plunged into my first mission ("Angel's Surprise") without thinking. As a small fleet of Angel interceptors and cruisers tore my beautiful craft to pieces I had time only to praise the miracle of insurance before fleeing back to the station in my pod. I must say it hit me hard, to lose my hand built ship of nearly two months age. I've lost only one ship before, my first Imicus to the delight of a Mordus incursion, so I'm ill-adjusted to such events. It's also the first time I've ever had to decline completion of a mission.

The Channon II, may she rest in peace.

I purchased a new Brutix (Channon III) for a decent price and trundled back to Oursulaert for a sift through my loot and rarities stash there. Once I'd loaded up there I began the voyage back to my old home of Murethand, via my mining "cottage" in Caslemon. I slumped into my dusty old Caslemon hanger, stripped it of a few extra items and leapt across to the lonely Federation Customs station in Murethand. I was down to a measly twelve million Isk so it was time to mine myself a fortune during this week ahead, whilst I contemplate my future.

I don't want to fly a battleship. Everyone has one, far too few carebears such as myself stick long enough with cruisers and battlecruisers. There's no challenge in sitting there in a flying station, slowly tearing through the enemy. My goal of late has been to master the cruisers and battlecruisers of the Gallente, with occasional forays into the fun and lively sport of frigate combat and with an eye to eventual investigation of Interceptors, Assault Frigates and Heavy Assault Cruisers. But last night brought me terribly close to saving up for one.

However, the cold light of day has made me resolute. I will stick to my guns (literally and figuratively speaking) and work harder to improve my Brutix setup and skills. I'm also more tempted than usual to experiment with the famous Thorax and see what joy Heavy Drones can bring. I've asked the masses and they have provided several suggestions. Finally there's the fun and danger of belting around in a frigate, with plenty more entertainment to be had still in my new Incursus (Ragged Robin III) and my nice little Tristan still sits untarnished.

The Xetic Federation crown a new president in Yulai.

Hello Dave.

One of six Amarr Navy Apocalypse battleships to fall to a CAS fleet.